My mind wanders. A lot. I used to take Ginko Biloba and it did seem to help the concentration level. When I could remember to take it.

So how can I spend many mind-numbing hours designing this website where the concentration level was intense, and struggle with an opening paragraph for the next book?


Casey concentrating hard on getting what he wants

It’s driving me crazy!

I know the story (and it’s good!). I know many scenes already by heart. I’ve thought of writing them out of sequence so at least I’d be writing something fiction related. But my OCD won’t let me write out of sequence.

The ADD won’t let me stay focused on writing one word then the next then the next then the next, and before you know it, we have a paragraph! I’ve deleted more opening paragraphs lately than I’ve written.

But alas…there may be hope. My twin grandbabies are polar opposites. Ireland is incredibly intense with a concentration level beyond what’s normal for a one-year old. Hate to say it but could be leaning a little toward the OCD side of the family. You can actually see the so-called wheels turning in her little head as she’s studying something. Her brother, Casey, on the other hand is Betty-bar-the-door-I’m-coming-through. He’s all over the place. So the star shape doesn’t fit into the round hole on his little dump trunk shape-sorter – he makes it fit. A push here, a shove there, an “oh look, I can just open the top and throw it in there” and it works for him. However, the other night my daughter Nina snapped a picture of him trying to get a cookie out of his snack cup. She said he’d “been at it for awhile”. Oh music to my ears! And suddenly my one-year old grandson with the concentration level of a gnat became my inspiration. You have to want something bad enough to be able to focus all your energy into it. He wanted that cookie. And he was willing to sit still and work at it until he finally got it out.


Casey – a creative mind at work

My hero. Even if he does have a way of looking at things a little differently. Like using a table for a chair.