Well we’ve got one show down and one to go. Tonight the CrossPoint kids performed their Christmas program for the residents and staff of Brookstone Haven Assisted Living Home in Randleman. Sunday, they’re performing for the church. Monday, Mindy, the director, is going to relax because it will all be over.

Tonight’s performance went very well. Only a few minor incidents, no injuries, and the three wisemen (Weston Stapleton, Jackson Stapleton, and Jacob Norris) refrained from shoving, punching, and generally acting silly. Wish I could say the same thing about the angels. And we only had two angels (well, two and half if you count Paisley who decided at the last minute she’d rather be an angel than the donkey, and who argues with a two year-old?) So we had two angels, Emma and Ava (ages 5 and 4), and at one point these two apparently forgot the whole “good-will” idea and were pushing one another out of the way so the other one could be out front getting more stage time.

“I’m the star!”
“No, I’m the star.”
“Huh-uh. I’m the star.”
“Well. I’m the prettiest angel.”
“I’m the prettiest angel!”

And the whole time, they’re elbowing each other out of the way, jockeying for front row position. Best friends forever. As long as the stage is a big one.