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The things they hear


King of his castle, “NO” Casey Jones

Nina and Allen were showing a little concern over Casey’s hearing. Sometimes he responds when his name is called, sometimes he doesn’t. But this week I discovered there’s nothing at all wrong with the little guy’s hearing. Nina and Allen are simply calling him by the wrong name. You can call “Casey,” until you’re blue in the face with little response. But when you say, “NO Casey!” kid responds like a charm. He thinks his name is NO Casey.

So now I’m wondering what the other Grands really do hear on a daily basis. Hourly basis? Maybe half-hourly basis would be more fitting. Imagine it goes something like this:

3:00pm to 3:30pm, on the playground

Me (Said not all in one breath. There are pauses): Landon, let the girls play. Aiden, why are you crying? Emma – there is no such thing as the Hatchet Man. Landon – why did you tell her that? I’m positive, Emma. There is no one living in the woods with a hatchet. Landon – he’s not living next door either. Stop scaring her. Casey, no. NO Casey! Can someone help me get Casey? Aiden, do you want to swing? You’re swinging high enough, Ivy. No more high. We’ll have snack when we go in. Where’d Ireland get that cup of water?No, Ireland! Landon, can you run go get a towel? Paisley! Ava, Emma – why are you going inside? I promise there’s no one in the woods. Ok, who locked Casey in the castle? Good job, Aiden! No, don’t throw the mulch. Where’s Ireland? Paisley, you’re swinging high enough. Don’t go any higher. Ava – what are you doing in the tree? Ireland, don’t eat the mulch. Casey’s coming down the slide, head first, someone help him! Never mind. Is he bleeding?


Ava, sitting pretty

And that’s how we roll in the trenches. Er, playground.

Some things can’t be forced


Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. More interesting than a fire hydrant to some.

Spent a couple days at the Outer Banks with the kids and grandkids. Discovered a couple things.

You can take kids to see and experience the wonder of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, but you can’t make them appreciate it. Not until they truly understand the history. Which is impossible for two one year olds and a two year old. And a five year old and a nine year old. They all truly enjoyed running and chasing one another in the open field beside the magnificent structure, though.


Ireland’s fire hydrant



And Ireland was simply impressed with the nearby fire hydrant. Kind of like “I don’t know what this is but it’s the coolest thing EVER!” impressed.

She was also quite impressed with the traffic/safety cone at the NC Aquarium. All the sharks to see! All the starfish to touch! And she waddles right to the safety cone. While Casey played with a stick. And Aiden and Ivy were all about this moving block toy like they have in pediatricians’ offices. “Aiden, Ivy – come look at the big sharks!”

“No, mamma,” They say in unison. Aiden shakes his head while Ivy’s pushing blocks.

To be continued…

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