I’m a non-folder. I’ve been a non-folder for several years. It probably started when my kids were grown and on their own and it was just me – alone with no one to answer to. I’m single, so there was no husband/life partner/domestic cohabitant to hold me accountable. Just me and Sam and he’s a pretty self-absorbed cocker spaniel who didn’t care if I folded or not as long as he was fed fourteen times a day.

When my kids were at home, I wanted to set a good example so I folded.  I never understood why exactly but it was something my mother had passed down to me, and her mother had passed down to her, and so on and so on. But I broke the cycle of folding and have been liberated ever since. I cherish those extra few minutes non-folding allows me. I can’t say that I really know what I do during those minutes but it must be something grand.

Things I do not fold:

tumblr_inline_ml12wi1p4N1qz4rgp1) Underwear. Why would you fold underwear? Most people keep their undies in a drawer that isn’t clear and visible to the public eye so who cares if your undies are rolled, stacked, or folded in a neat order? Saves me all of an estimated five minutes to take them from the laundry basket and just drop them in the drawer. Same with bras.

2) Socks. I don’t even match them. I grab a handful from the laundry basket and dump them in the sock drawer. Saves another five minutes. IMG_0731

3) Dish towels and washrags. I have a big, open bin under my sink where they are stored. I open the cabinet door, dump them in and I’m done. Close the cabinet door and the whole wadded up stack is concealed to neighbors who might judge because they themselves are folders. Saves another five minutes.kitchen-dish-towels

4) Sheets. This is kinda a half-and-half. They probably wouldn’t pass a Good Housekeeping test but there is some uniformity to their state, before being shoved into a matching pillow case. Easy storage. Saves several hours since no one I know has ever really mastered folding a fitted sheet.

So there you have it. I’m a non-folder and proud of it.