Spent the day with a room full of writers of various genres and learned some interesting things:

1) western NC is RIPE with writers. The mountain area of our state was well represented.

2) if the Murder We Write/Sisters in Crime chapter is going to do another networking event next year, we’ll need a bigger display table. There were so many published works there, I thought I was in a library. There’s certainly some talent in the ol’ north state.

3) Not only were there writers there, there were a few publishers looking for submissions, an agent open to pitches, and a couple of editors who can help you get that manuscript ready to send to said publishers or agent. It wasn’t just a happy hour for writers – it was a true networking event.

4) it may be physically impossible for a writer to tell about him/herself and their published works, works in progress, future projects, hopes and dreams, along with a quick bio in two minutes or less. Writers aren’t always the introverts we pretend to be.

Just a couple of the writers that were there today: Alan GratzSuzanne AdairEllis VidlerGretchen GriffithMichael HavelinTony RankinJoyce and Jim LaveneTeresa Fannin, Lynette Hall Hampton…just to name a few.