Thought I’d get some of the basics out of the way – I’ll be referring to these quite often so I thought it might be a good idea to clue you in on who I’m talking about. Two kids – Garey and Nina and their spouses – Ellen and Allen. Five grands: Garey and Ellen’s: Jeana, 12, Emma, 4, and Paisley, 15 months, and one on the way. Whoo-hoo! Keeping fingers crossed and prayers to Heaven for a boy but if not…that’s okay too. I do want to be there, however, to see the expression on Garey’s face when they tell him either way. A boy – he’ll be all smiles. Another little red-headed girl – a dazed, blank stare. He loves ’em all though!

Nina and Allen have Landon, 6, and Ava, 3. Ava and Emma are BFF’s. Paisley gets knocked out of the way. But only for a minute. She’s one tough little cookie. Nobody’s gonna take her princess doll!

CrossPoint Baptist Church – a church not like many others. If you’re looking for quiet reverence, you might want to look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a place where you’re welcomed with open arms whether you’re in ragged jeans or Sunday best, pay us a visit. Especially if you have kids. We have more kids than a lot of day-care centers! We believe strongly in outreach and ‘being the church’. We’re small, but growing; we’re young, but established. We meet in the Level Cross Community Center every Sunday at 10:30; Wednesdays at 7 (we’re studying Spiritual Warfare- wow!) We also have several small group bible studies during the week for you to choose from. This year we’re sponsoring our first men’s softball team. Yeah! Go CrossPoint!

That’s all for now. Gonna take Sam for that walk (LOL). Then do some serious writing (or revising as the case may be).

Love God. Love your neighbor. Serve both!