Blinded by the light

How many of you (if you grew up in the 60’s) stroked your gifts on Christmas morning with little child hands? Not because it was exactly what you wanted and you were so grateful and pleased, but because you were blinded by the light bar on your dad’s 8mm camera? Spent many a Christmas morning blinking and batting my eyes at that darn light. Even going as far as holding one hand up to shield the eyes.

I have a box full of those movies and say every year I’m going to have them transferred to DVDs. I love the graininess and the shaking and jerky motion. And the mouths moving but the only sound emitting is the whir of the projector. I love how my mom and other women of that day would pretend to be camera shy and shoo the camera away like a bothersome fly. Then they’d smile and roll their eyes.


Check out that play kitchen furniture!


Me and my sister. Apparently we liked baby dolls.


My favorite stuffed animal. I named him Tippy and still have him.


I think I might have been a little leary of the man in red.


Garey and his John Deere tractor


Garey and Nina. I miss those days.


Nina made a good stocking stuffer


Garey and my dad. No other words needed.

my1stChristmas 001

Still amazed by it all

What’s your favorite Christmas memory?


Wow! Santa has certainly gotten a little more real looking through the years.


My sister – happy with her new baby doll.


  1. Love it & the pics!

  2. Joanne Harrelson

    December 22, 2013 at 8:54 pm

    I think we blinded our kids also.. with the ever memorable light bar! 🙂 Great photos Lynn~ Merry Christmas to you and yours~

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