Well aren’t we the arrogant ones!

We’ve all seen the inspirational pictures and posters and sayings about “time”. You can’t control it. You can never get it back. Once gone, it’s gone forever. Or at least until next fall when we set the clocks back again.clock

Does anyone else think it’s a little arrogant to “mess” with time? We turn clocks forward, we turn them back, some states stay the same. Did you know that? Arizona and Hawaii don’t play the time game. It is what it is.

I “get” the different time zones and the whole earth and moon and sun and tides and flying meteorites thing. But I don’t “get” how we (man) just decided one day to add an hour or take away an hour so farmers would have an extra hour of sunlight. Or so we could save x-number of candles (Ben Franklin) by having longer days. Um…this is just my opinion and I could be wrong…but isn’t that something best left to the big man in Heaven?

I want my hour back. Excuse me Mr. Government, it wasn’t yours to take away. What if they took another? And another? And another? Would the wrinkles around my eyes start to disappear? In that case…I could live in Colonial times.


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