Several years ago I went to Disney World with my daughter and son-in-law. We stayed at one of the hotels on the Disney compound. Everything was peachy¬†at Disney World, their hotel, their compound. The outside world didn’t exist. Literally. I turned the television on in the room and it was set to the Disney channel. No matter how many times you pressed the channel up or down button, you had no choice but to watch the Disney channel. Outside the lobby, there were no newspaper racks with various newspapers from around the area, country, or world. Because you were at Disney World. You had no need for “other” news.

Only a writer can see a conspiracy at the happiest place on earth (or is that the circus?). But as a United States citizen, I had the right to hear, read, see what ever news I wanted. You don’t realize the truth of that until the freedom to do so is taken away.

Writers, especially writers, should embrace our country’s freedom. We have the right to write whatever the muse leads us to write. People died to give us that right. I appreciate their sacrifice.