We’ve had this on-going argument over the size of the twins. Everyone, and I mean everyone, said Casey had passed Ireland in weight, length, general size, etc…and now, being the last born, Ireland was a true runt. “Casey’s a chunker!” people were known to say. “He’s twice her size,” others said. “He’s a lot bigger than she is now,” still others said. I think I said all three of these statements at one time or another or some variation of such. Everyone said this, except their mother Nina. She stood fast and steady that Ireland was still bigger although you could look at them side by side and see how much bigger Casey was than his “baby” sister. She just didn’t want to admit the truth.

Well, today was their four-month check up and yesterday, in preparation, I jokingly told Nina I’d bet her money Casey was going to be bigger than Ireland. I made her promise to call the second she got out of the doctor’s office.

Ireland’s happy she’s still in the lead

Betcha next checkup, Casey will take the lead

Ireland, the little chub, is a half pound heavier and half an inch longer than her older brother. Maybe it’s because Casey’s bald as a cue ball, does have a bigger head than Ireland, has that triple chin thing going, and eyes the size of small plates…he looks bigger. Whatever the reason, his mom knew which of her babies was bigger. Despite everyone else telling her she was wrong.