Still waiting on that “twin telepathy” thing to kick in. The twins, Casey and Ireland, are three-months old now and so far, nada. I don’t think they really even like each other. Of course they’re still doing a lot of that head-bobbing thing so you can’t tell if they’re ignoring one another or just not “bobbing” in the same direction. I do think Ireland likes Casey more than Casey likes Ireland. If you lay them side-by-side, Ireland will lick Casey’s hand if he flays his arm in that direction. Don’t know if she actually likes him or if she’s hungry. And they do cry together, sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time. Could be because they’re on the same schedule and want to eat at the same time? Or could it be that “twin telepathy” developing?

Nina with Casey (left) and Ireland (right). Yes, Ireland’s wearing one of Casey’s blue sleepers. She licks him and wears his clothes. Typical annoying little sister, even if it is by only twenty minutes.