But I Don’t Want Sasquatch To Eat My Daddy!

I am so ashamed. Shamed to the core. I’ve betrayed every thing I believe in. Well, not everything but for dramatic purposes we’ll say everything. I contributed to a sexist lie. I was part of a plot to convince Ava (4) that girls don’t go hiking and hunting Sasquatch. That’s boy stuff. Girls go shopping with their mommys and grandmommys.
Okay, so the deal was this past Saturday Allen took Landon hiking and fishing. Allen’s been watching National Geographic again so he’s got this obsession with Sasquatch. Landon and Ava are learning a lot about the hairy beast. So back to fishing…Allen and neighbor Tony were taking their sons down to the lake for some fishing and maybe some hiking in the woods. Ava didn’t understand why she couldn’t go. Got to hand it to her – even being the little Princess she is, she wanted to to spend the day in the woods rather than go shopping. So Nina and I finally convinced her how much fun we were going to have at Target. And Nina promised to buy her something. Ivy tagged along with us because we had no choice – Allen refused to take his eight month-old daughter fishing.
Our mother-daughter-granddaughter(s) day started with an early bird dinner then on to Target. A couple hours later, it was now dark and Ava was getting tired. We were on our way home, it was dark inside the car, and the conversation went something like this:
Ava: Is Daddy home yet?
Nina: Not yet. He’ll be home in a little bit.
Ava: I want my daddy.
Nina: He’ll be home in a little bit.
Ava: Why couldn’t I go with my daddy? (the cool new shoes had already lost their appeal)
Nina: Because they were doing boy stuff today.
Ava: Like hunting Sasquatch?
Nina: (grinning) Yeah, they were hunting Sasquatch.
Ava: But I don’t want Sasquatch to eat my daddy!
Mommy and Grandma lost it. And I’m happy to report her daddy made it home safe and sound.


  1. Miss you, too! Love reading about the boys. You’re an inspiration too all : )

  2. Love this!! I miss you much!

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