I’m going to stop taking so much time between posts. I was reading over the last one and between it and the one before, we gained two new babies – Aiden and Ivy. Wellllll…we’re gaining two more. Yep, Nina and Allen are expecting again and this time it’s twins. Babies are due early December but doc says will probably happen mid-late November. Ivy’s too little to wear a “I’m the Big Sister shirt”!!!! The twins will bring the grand total (because it WILL end with these two) to NINE grandkids. Wow.

The goal was to write enough to earn mega bucks so I could pay the tuition of private school for my grandkids. That was when it was Jeana and Landon, and then came Emma and I had to scratch my head and rethink things. Then came Ava, then Paisley, then Aiden and Ivy. And now twins are coming.

Sorry kids – I had good intentions. But you’re on your own.