Had a cookout yesterday at Garey and Ellen’s then all the kids went to the fireworks (I came home to write but my keyboard was tired of being ignored and decided to get revenge by simply not working). But anyway, Garey cooked brauts (did I spell that right? I had it spelled brats but thought that looked like he had cooked the kids) and roasted corn on the grill and it was delicious. Paisley’s a garbage disposal. The kid will eat anything. Or at least try it. She wanted to get down and go play with the other kids but Ellen told her she had to finish the rest of her corn (she had a half ear on her plate). Of course Paisley protested which struck Ellen as kind of odd because this kid is an eater. Her sisters and cousins could be doing the neatest thing ever and Paisley’s going to finish her dinner. So, Ellen tells her no, she can’t get down until she eats her corn. What Ellen didn’t realize was that Paisley had already eaten a full ear of corn – she ate Emma’s. Emma, meanwhile, looked like little Miss Innocent with an empty plate so she got to go play.

If you’re ever at a loss for entertainment, sit back and watch and listen to two little girls playing. Emma (4) and Ava (3) were playing store, post office, and probably a little princess thrown in there for good measure although the girls should know a real princess would never have to do her own grocery shopping! But anyway, Ava was the “mail person” (their words) and was trying to “deliver” mail to Emma. There was just one problem. Emma kept changing her name. Ava would say “I’m the mail person and I have mail for Emma Barkley (have no idea where she came up with that name!) and Emma would ignore her. Ava would repeat it and Emma would say “I’m not Emma Barkley.” But just a few minutes ago, she was Emma Barkley. Every time Ava would have a new piece of mail to deliver, Emma would change her name. It was priceless.

Today, me, Debbie, Nina, Garey, Ellen and Jeana all went to see Eclipse. I’m sorry Jeana, yes, Taylor Launter has abs to die for, and who wouldn’t fall for a guy that had the mystic of being part wolf—but I’m still Team Edward.