Missing mom

My mom passed 12 years ago today. Sometimes it feels like a million years ago and sometimes it feels like yesterday. I miss her voice. There wasn’t anything really special about, no heavy accent, no odd way of pronouncing different words – but it was special. It was her voice and I miss picking up the phone and calling in the middle of the day just to ‘check in’ and hearing it. It was comforting. It was something I didn’t fully appreciate until I couldn’t hear it anymore. I hurt that she never had the opportunity to hold Jeana or Landon or Emma or Ava or Paisley. But Garey and Ellen gave her one to hold when they lost Paul. Yep, she’s cuddling a great-grand and probably holding a sucker while he licked it like she used to do with Garey and Nina (Lord knows, if she gave it to them to hold they’d run with it and trip and fall – sort of like that Red-Ryder BB-gun theory in the Christmas Story). Maybe that’s why she and daddy went on ahead? So Paul would have a mawmaw and pawpaw to hold the sucker…

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