I fulfilled my New Year’s resolution. I took Sam for a walk. Oh – you meant everyday??? We’ll start slow – how about every Saturday? But anyway, I took Sam for walk. And Molly. And Zoie. I’m so proud of Molly – poor little thing has dislocated hips and knees and I really didn’t want her to go because I thought it would be too painful for her, but she showed me. She was like that little train that thought he could: I think I can, I think I can… and she did. I tried to sneak out with just Sam but that was impossible. He was quite excited. Next thing I knew, me and Sam and Molly and Zoie were headed into the woods behind the house then onto a nice trail. After we had walked for a long while, like oh about ten minutes, and I was ready to head back and take a nap, Molly was my inspiration. She actually ran ahead, well, she wobbled ahead, and did not quit. She could because she wanted to. She put one foot in front of the other in small tiny steps and accomplished what she set out to do. She’s my hero today. I can learn a lot from her.